Team up, panic, make games.

The Aberrarium and Victoria University's MetroWest are teaming up to present the Lightning Jam - a 30-hour game development competition!

The votes are in!

The Lightning Jam was held on the 29th and 30th of August. Follow the link below to play the games created by the awesome teams that competed.


IRL Game Jam

A competition for game developers. Contestants  have 30 hours to create a simple game! We will provide food, drinks, space and some computers - you provide the creativity!


VU at MetroWest in Footscray

At Victoria University's Hub in Footscray. The space is well fitted out with desks, computers, internet, heating and a cafe nearby. It's just a couple of minutes walk from the station.


29 - 30 August

On the weekend of the 29th and 30th of August from 10am Saturday to 9pm Sunday.



This event has been and gone! See how the participants did through the link above.

Stay tuned as we may hold more in the future!


Before the event, we will be making sure you've all got teams and taking ideas for a theme. Come by yourself or with your usual mob and we'll make sure everyone is in a balanced team. On the morning of the first day we will meet, introduce ourselves, have some coffee and announce the theme for the weekend. Then it's all systems go! Afterwards the games will be uploaded to this website and participants will be asked to rate the other teams entries in various categories. The winners will be announce shortly thereafter and we might have to catch up for a debrief beer or two.


Tom and Duncan, of the Aberrarium, are hobby game-developers who have participated in a few game jams online and we think the opportunity to put on an 'IRL Game Jam' is awesome. VU at MetroWest and the Aberrarium are excited by the chance of bringing gamers, programmers and artists together and because of this we are putting this together for free!  If you've got some skills as a programmer or game-artist then come and put them to the test, meet like minded folk, bring your coding buddies and get some free food.


We are proud to announce that Unity3D has offered three 12-month subscriptions to the winning team. That's valued at $2700! Watch this space for future prize announcements. TinMan is also on board now offering games and badges! Last but not least, Beta Bar has offered free entry to ten participants in the Lightning Jam!


Three 12-month subscriptions of Unity Pro 5 up for grabs!

Intuos Tablet from Wacom!

Steam Keys and collectible PAX badges up for grabs from TinMan Games!

Ten free entries to Beta Bar!